Mina Masjid in the Agra Fort is a mosque that was meant to be used by the emperors.

Mina Masjid

Shah Jehan built Mina Masjid between 1631-40 near Diwan-i-Khas and this mosque was meant to be used by the emperor and the royal ladies. Thus, it was placed close to the palaces of the imperial women. According to the surviving rumors, Shah Jehan used it between 1658-66, during the end of his days when his son Aurangzeb in the Muthamman Burj imprisoned him. Enclosed on all sides by high walls to ensure privacy, it is extremely plain and simple. There are three small arches in its façade and a small mihrab in the western wall of the prayer chamber. The small window from this chamber overlooks Machhchi Bhawan. The only ornamental elements used here are squares of marbles and tiles that paves its court and four exquisitely carved and molded white marble brackets supporting its chajja.