Glazed Tiles, brought from China, were used in the construction of Chini Ka Rauza.

Glazed Tiles

Chini Ka Rauza is so named because of its glazed tile ornamentation believed to be imported from China. The unique architectural artwork that graces the exterior and interior of the building uses the spaces such as chajja, brackets and balconies creatively with color embellishments. The inscription in blue-colored tiles on each side of the central arch of the building is bordered by blue, yellow and green tiles set in beautiful patterns while the spandrels of the arches are decorated with blue and orange tiles set in arabesque and floresque patterns. The zigzag pattern in the shafts on sides of the arches set off crimson, orange and white tile combinations while bands of blue tiles adorn the chevrons of the pinnacles. Panels with vermilion, orange, blue and green floral designs fill the remaining spaces on each facade. The dome is covered with blue and yellow square tiles in diagonal bands. Glazed tiles of all the shades and hues cover almost every inch of the building, which is now partially damaged and yet has retained a part of the glory of its past.