Read about the square plan and layout of the Chinni ka Rauza at Agra, India.

Square Plan of Chinni Ka Rauza

Originally, the monument had high walls surrounding it, two main gateways in North and South, two three-storeyed octagonal towers and a masonry ghat near the riverbank along with the main tomb building. However, only the ruins of the main tomb with a simple square plan and almost no architectural ornamentation have survived. Each side of this square tomb building is about 79 feet in length. The central chamber is octagonal in shape with eight arched recesses including four pentagonal arches and four square openings in all four directions. This central chamber is inter-connected to the four square chambers in the corners with the side halls or porches. The upper part of the tomb has been so constructed to give a double storeyed effect to the tomb building. The shallow dome crowning the building has inverted lotus and a kalash finial on its top and pinnacles on all the four corners.