The house of Abul Fazal at Fatehpur Sikri is an important monument.

Abul Fazal House

The two residential buildings to the north of the Jami Masjid are said to be used by Abul Fazal and his elder brother Faidi. These buildings have almost similar dimensions and plan and are made up of red sandstone. The building on the southeastern side is said to be Abul Fazal's House. The rectangular single-storeyed building has a tibara dalan or verandah with three openings in front and two pairs of carved and stylized columns. The fluting capitals of the columns with beautiful brackets supporting the lintels of the roof look quite impressive. The two small chambers on either side of the verandah lead directly on to the terrace of the building.

The central oblong room of the building is the largest one too and has three flat topped doors. On its either side, there are two rooms with three engrailed arched entrances. The central broader arch has spandrels adorned with beautiful rossets. Originally, the ceiling of the main room and verandah were painted with bright colors but they have now disappeared with time. One can reach the rooms on the upper storey by a flight of steps. There are two suites of rooms above that are connected by a narrow gallery. A stairway from the upper storey leads to the baths and toilets on the southwestern side.