Hathi Pol is known so as it was adorned with 2 stone elephants.

Hathi Pol

Hathi Pol, Fatehpur SikriThe name Hathi Pol was kept as it was once adorned with two beautiful stone 3.7m elephants, one on the either side of the gate. Hathi Pol was the official gateway to the royal complex. The trunks and heads of these elephants have now been ageing. Only the lower portion of the structure is survived now.

The gateway is made up of rubble and finished with red sand stone and marble. The gateway is fortified and contains battlements. The main entrance was made without any decoration. It is around 5.20m high and is entirely plane. On either of this arch one can see partially survived stone elephants. There is a 3m wide gallery at the entrance arch. It is accessible by a narrow staircase on either side of the gate.