Know about the Harem Sara Guest House at Fatehpur Sikri.

Harem Sara Guest House Fatehpur Sikri

This building is a part of Harem Sarai offices, where Emperor would call to direct the voluminous affairs of ladies; even Ain-i-Akbari contains references regarding a separate administration organization for this purpose. It is built to north of Maryam's house. The building is simple looking with richly carved walls, called Jodha Bai's kitchen. The interior walls of the building are filthy enough with tarry grime that tells that this building might have served the purpose of kitchen. The interior walls have been mutilated as it was used for a long time for public works department for its various functionaries.

The building is rectangular in plan and believes to be connected with colonnaded cloister, which now has been demolished. The outer walls have been carved in imitation of curtains with tasseled pelments. A panelled wall containing a window in northern side flanks a broad door. The walls are carved with cross designs and stone screens in simple geometrical patterns. The building has flat roof, which is surrounded by parapet. The other architectural features are almost lost because building was altered into its present form.