Read about the ladies guest house at Fatehpur Sikri.

Ladies' Guest House

It is a small building in the northeast corner of Harem Sara. It is popularly known as hospital, but no system of hospitalization for ladies of Harem Sara is ever recorded in any literary source. There were originally 12 rooms, but now only four have survived which are 4.26mx2.89m in dimensions. Ladies' Guest House is more likely to have been a guesthouse for those high borne women whom Akbar used to admit in his Harem for short stays. This building was ideally suited for regular reception of transient guests. These rooms have flat wings and their walls were once plastered with borders of red and white colour around the doors and windows. The stone slab of the roof were carved on the soffit and outside chiselled to imitate tiles. Baths and toilets have been provided at western corner.