Find some interesting information on minor harem Sara at Fatehpur Sikri.

Minor Harem Sara Fatehpur Sikri

It is attached to the western wall of Jodh Bai palace. This colonnaded structure is divided into bays having stone rings in front of each bay. Some scholars say the building might serve as stable. But taking in account, its proximity to Harem Sara and the bustle, noise and smell that would have constantly disturbed the peace of ladies enclosure, this assumption was rejected. According to the most widely accepted view this building must have been allotted to the serving maids of the ladies palace. Two Hammams at eastern end of the blocks have also been provided for the sanitary needs of the staff. Hence the building is also known as 'Minor Harem Sara building.

This building is composed of two distinct parts, the one being a closed and covered colonnaded enclosure and other with dalans on its three sides. The colonnaded enclosure is about 83.39 m and 35.05 m in dimension and the dalan is 5.66m deep. The closed colonnaded enclosure is divided into 17 bays by series of simple plain slabs and columns. The open courtyard originally had 24 bays on Eastern and Western side and 7 on the Southern side. The bays are divided by square columns, which support the flat roof through heavy brackets and beams.