Know about the Karkhanas at Fatehpur Siri. These Karkhanas were state workshops during the Mughal period.

Karkhanas at Fatehpur Sikri

Karkhanas is located near the northeast side of the Agra gate. The building is also popularly known as 'Taksal' or mint, which is a misnomer. This building was used as workshop where state commodities were produced and stored. It is believed that spices and dry fruits were stored in the building, while textiles were manufactured and precious stone work, ivory work, enameling work were carried out in this building grain.

The building is a single storied structure, which is entirely built of rubble masonry. Like other old buildings, this one is also in an ageing phase. Remnants of arched doorways and a few arcaded bays are survived only. The Karkhana surrounds a quadrangle courtyard of 72.58m by 80.21m in dimension and surrounded by a ruinous cloister. The cloister has a series of broad square bays, each made of four arches, and roofed by a cupola.

There is also another small sandstone building of six rooms near the entrance of the Karkhana. Its proximity with the Karkhana suggests that it might be used as office for maintaining accounts of raw materials, wages paid and wares produced in the Karkhana.