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Zanana Rauza at Fatehpur Sikri is situated near Salim Chisti tomb.

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Zanana Rauza

Zanana Rauza or women's tomb is accessible through a beautiful gateway situated between the dargah of Sheikh Salim Chisti and Jamat Khana. This gateway is elegantly adorned with bands of red sandstone and marble and the central arch of its gateway has a square opening. Inlaid arched panels of red sandstone and marble adorn this gateway and floral designs frame the opening. Beautiful kiosks, turrets and merlons crown it. The interiors consist of a dark suite enshrining graves of the women of Sheikh Salim's family and were originally a part of northern cloister of the Jami Mosque.

Before the conversion of this part of the building into the women'd graveyard, it was connected to Salim Chishti's house via an underground pathway through which the women of Sheikh Salim's family could visit and listen to him during his religious discourses while maintaining their privacy. The two oblong chambers of the building are divided into sections and subsections with the help of elaborately carved stone screens, designed in geometrical patterns, that contain graves of several ladies of the household including one Bibi Mattu Lanbiri.

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