Find information on Anup Talao at Fatehpur Sikri.

Anup Talao

Anup Talao, Fatehpur SikriAnup Talao situated in the front of Khawabgah complex was one of the most mentioned tanks at Fatehpur Sikri. This square red sand stone tank had a beautiful platform enclosed by a jalied balustrade in its center. The raised seat in the middle of this platform perhaps presented the most romantic loveseat ever conceived inside a building. This platform was connected to the sides of the tank via four causeways that were supported on the stoned pillar with bracketed capitals. The tank was connected to the water work system to the north of the city to ensure the inflow of fresh water in it and to the Sukh Tal, outside the southern wall to avoid overflowing of water. Abul Fazl recorded that this beautiful pool was once filled with gold, copper and silver coins that shimmered like so many sunrays and looked quite stunning. Jehangir has mentioned in his memoirs that he distributed copper and silver coins worth one crore three lakh rupees that were emptied out of the tank in the charity.