It is a short write up on Diwan-i-am or hall of public audience at Fatehpur Sikri.


Diwan-i-AmDiwan-I-Am or Hall of Public Audience, situated near Agra Gate, was the place where Akbar heard petitions of the general public and did justice every morning. In the afternoon, he used to inspect his offices situated adjacent to this spacious complex. The colonnaded dalan surrounding it is divided into 111 bays by the use of square pillars. The most impressive feature of this complex is the Throne Chamber facing east. It is said that it was so built because of Akbar's belief in 'sun worship'. This chamber showcases a unique stone tiled roof and a exquisitely carved frieze.

The chamber is broadly divided into three parts, with the space in front, the seat of the emperor in center surrounded by the stone screens arranged in six-pointed star pattern and the portion masked by a beautiful screen meant for the royal ladies. A gracefully carved balustrade surrounded the chamber. The building was devoid of any dome or superstructure but the elevation was artistically made prominent by the use of skilful use of pillars, brackets, chhajjas and kiosks at regular intervals in a masterly composition. At the time of Akbar, both this complex and Diwan-I-Khas made ostentatious display of rich fabrics and other beautiful decorative items befitting the grandeur of the emperor.