Turkish Sultana's House was meant for the Turkich wives of Akbar.

Turkish Sultana's House

Turkish Sultana's House, AgraThough some people suggest that this building near Anup Talao was the home of two turkish queens of Akbar called Salima Sultan Begum and Ruqayya Begum, Turkish Sultana's House is too small for being a residential building. It is more probably the 'Hujra-I-Anup Talao, mentioned by Badauni, a pleasure pavilion attached to the pond and might have been used by the Turkish queens for this purpose. The pavilion has square piers. It is connected to the ground floor of the Khwabgah complex through a colonnaded verandah and has a portico in the west. Both the verandah and portico has a stone screen with latticework.

Intricately carved like wood, this building is also known as 'superb jewel casket'and each of its stone slab has a different design such as arabesque designs on the pillars of verandah and bell shaped, floral and herring-bone carvings on the brackets supporting the roof. The dado panels depict scenes of forests and gardens. There are animal motifs and swastik patterns too.