Know about the Sangin Burj at Fatehpur Sikri, India.

Sangin Burj Fatehpur Sikri

Sangin Burj is located to the north on the palace precincts. Its great breadth and depth of the arch in the external side of the bastion is regarded to be the uniqueness of this monument.

Only five sides of this octagonal building are visible, as the palace wall cuts off its three rear faces. The bastion is made up of red and buff sand stone containing semicircular pattern. The façade is adorned with a four centered arch edged with buff sand stone and decorated with flame-like decoration. The spandrels of arch contain buff rossets and are enclosed in red sand stone frame.

Interior of the Sangin Burj is made up of rubble-plastered masonry. The Sangin Burj also has a spacious central hall approached by a tibara-pillared verandah, with rooms on the three sides and corner chambers. The walls of these rooms are decorated with beautiful dado panels with geometrical designs and niches. The building has a domical roof above.