Tansen's Baradari at Fatehpur Sikri has twelve doorways.

Tansen's Baradari

Known as 'Barahdari' as it has twelve doorways, this single-storeyed red sandstone building is rectangular in shape with three doorways on each side. The arched doorways grace its northern and southern sides while the eastern and western sides have flat-roofed doorways. Though, people believe that Tansen, one of the Nine Gems of Akbar's court who was a famous musician lived here, the idea seems to be too absurd to be true. Not only the building is too small for a nobleman's house with only a single oblong hall, it has no attachments that are a must in a residential house such as hammams or baths, toilets or room for the ladies.

The hall is surrounded by a pillared verandah on all sides. Interiors of the hall are kept simple with simply a wagon-vaulted ceiling and a flat roof while the exteriors are adorned with elegant marble and buff sandstone inlay work done in geometrical designs such as the hexagons and pointed star patterns. The roof of the verandah consists of sloping stones slabs resembling 'khaprel' or tiles that are supported on pillars and architraves.