Know about the Todar Mal Baradari at fatehpur Sikri, India.


The name of this magnificent structure is totally arbitrary because it has neither twelve doors to be called Barahdari and nor there are any proofs linking it to Todarmal, the finance minister of Akbar's court. It cannot be a residential building of this nobleman because it consists of only a single hall with open gallery and has no other attachments nor it can be his tomb, for Todarmal being a Hindu minister could not have been buried in a tomb. This double-storeyed building is made up of red sandstone and is square in shape with chamfered angles.

There is a tibara dalan in the middle of each façade of building on the ground floor and the arches are synchronized well with pillars and brackets on the upper storey. The corner rooms are given delicate tower like forms and are inter-connected. The upper storey has rectangular corridors overlooking the hall below. It has no dome or chhatri but the presence of the brackets suggest that there must have been a chajja supported by them. The central hall has a vaulted soffit but a flat roof and thus, this building presents harmonious fusion of different architectural traits.