Find Information on tomb of Seikh Ibrahim at Fatehpur Sikri.

Tomb of Shaikh Ibrahim Fatehpur Sikri

Situated near the tomb of Shaikh Musa, the father of Shaikh Ibrahim, this tomb is surrounded by a rubble and plaster enclosure wall, which has battlements, bastion at four corners and a mihrab on the western wall. It resembles an open-air mosque. It shares the southeast corner of its enclosure wall with a graveyard while the main tomb is situated in the northwestern corner. The main arched entrance to the tomb is to the south and is flanked by panels with two plain arches. The main archway is adorned with two pinnacles on all four sides. The dome surmounting the roof of the main tomb has an octagonal base and four kiosks one at each corner. The exterior wall showcases a beautiful stylish band of plaster decoration and one can still see the smoke-charred paintings in the interiors.