This is a short write up on the planning and layout/town planning of the Fatehpur city, India.

Town Planning of Fatehpur Sikri

37 km from Agra, Fatehpur Sikri was a splendid example of town planning and craftsmanship. Most of the buildings are made up of red sandstone due to easy availability. The buildings were skillfully planned keeping in mind the climatic conditions, the geology of the terrain, the need of its occupants, its usage keeping, proper ventilation, and sanitation needs. Buildings meant for women ensured privacy in accordance with the 'purdah' system.

The town is fortified on three sides with eight gateways and has an artificial lake on the fourth side. The monuments here can be classified into four main categories - The Sacred Complex, The Royal Complex, The Imperial Harem and Other Monuments. Out of the 118 structures mentioned to be here, only 52 have been identified and there are controversies over their exact names and functions. We have brought the most widely accepted views for your convenience.