Explore the history of Agra city under the rule of Sikandar Lodi.

Agra Under Sikandar Lodi

In 1192, northern and central India underwent great political upheavals. Chauhans were overthrown by the Turks. Great battles were fought. Agra was forgotten for a time being and no references to the city were found during the three centuries dominated by the reign of the slave dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate, Khaljis or Tughlaqs. If finally manages to find its mention during the reign of Syed Allauddin (1445-51) as a dependency of Biana. Later, Sikandar Lodi seized Agra and during his reign, the city flourished as an important cultural centre. However, the claims of Niamatullah, the chronicler of the Lodhi dynasty, that Sikandar founded the city are unacceptable, as it had been mentioned in earlier records. The only claim that could be justified was that Agra came to be known as the Shiraz of India during Sikandar Lodi's time. The mighty ruler died in the fort on 14th December 1517. Ibrahim Lodi, the son and successor of Sikandar, held the fort for 9 years before succumbing to the might of Mughals.