Read about Hessings tomb at Agra.

Hessing's Tomb

The tomb actually belongs to colonial times and was built as a mausoleum of Col. John William Hessing's tomb at Agra, who died here in 1803 by his sons and daughters. However, the architectural style gives the impression of Mughal style of architecture as the idea for this magnificen tomb was borrowed from the Taj. The tomb stands on an 11' 3" high square platform housing an underground chamber surrounded by a corridor. It has four octagonal platforms attached to its four corners, while one can ascend to the terrace via twin stairways on the western side of the platform. The tomb itself is about 28' 6" high. Each of its side has a massive iwan with two slender square turrets crowned by graceful pinnacles attached to it. These turrets have beautiful square chhatri on their top and vertical fluting on them. The double dome crowning the tomb has an inverted lotus and a kalash finial on its top. There is a stone cenotaph in the centre of the interior chamber boasting of inscriptions in English.