Humayun's mosque is a lesser known monument at Agra.

Humayun's Mosque

According to the Persian inscriptions on this monument, this mosque was constructed in 1530, when Humayun ascended the throne. It is situated in the village of Kachhpura on the left bank of River Yamuna. Though, it has not been mention in texts related to Mughal period, it one of the earliest monuments of Mughal period corresponding to the beginning phase of Mughal architecture. The mosque is in ruins now and only the sanctuary has survived as it is. The mosque has a façade with five arches and a high iwan conceals the dome on top of the central nave, which is supported on kite-shaped pendentives and net squinches. There are double-aisled wings on either side of the central nave. The brick and mortar building had been plastered originally and one can still see that its façade was once adorned with glazed tiles.