Tomb of Firuz Khan Khwajasara is located at Agra.

Tomb of Firuz Khan Khwajasara

Firuz Khan, a noble of Shah Jehan, died in 1647. Like many of his time, he built his own tomb during his lifetime in a locality named after him as Tal Firuz Khan. The red sandstone tomb has a double storeyed main gateway attached to the east and arched chambers on its terrace, which is on the first floor and accessible through a broad staircase containing thirteen steps. On the ground floor is the subsidiary octagonal storey containing the actual grave. On the northern and southern sides of the main storey, there are four-pillared rectangular chaukhandis with pyramidal roofs on top. They are protected by chhajja supported on brackets. The mosque on the west has three openings while central pavilion houses the cenotaph of Firuz Khan.

The main entrance to the pavilion is through the arched opening on the southern side and jali panels originally closed openings on other sides of the octagon. There is a semi-circular dome on the roof, crowned by a kalash finial. Arabesque, geometrical and stylized floral motifs adorn the building, especially the plinth, nook shafts, spandrels and the dado panels. Cental panels depict lotus, swan and vases in high relief. Wine-vases grace the lower panels while scroll patterns with highly stylized arabesque composition can also be seen on side panels. Calligraphy, quiet in vogue that time, is however absent here.