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Was Taj Rajput Palace or Mausoleum

An ongoing controversy famous about Taj is that it is claimed to be a Rajput Palace or a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva that was later converted into a mausoleum by Shah Jehan. However, this is only a piece of fiction and has no evidences to support it. The belief that it was a palace belonging to Raja Mansingh Kachhwaha of Amer does not seem realistic because there are no such records that mention such a magnificent palace being built by Raja Mansingh, not even in the personal records of Jaipur royalty. Lahauri also mentions that it was a land selected for the burial and was acquired in exchange of properties from the Khalsah-lands.

There are records of Taj being built from the very foundations by Shah Jehan but no such records can be attributed to Raja Mansingh, who faithfully recorded the construction of the temple of Govinda Devaji at Vrindaban including the names of the builders. Babur, who was a keen observer mentions no such place in his memoirs even though he founded many gardens on the left bank of the river Jamuna. Even the European travelers who came to Agra between 1580 and 1668 do not make least mention of any such building. Since the piece of wood from a door of the Taj Mahal was found to be more than six hundred and fifty years old using the radio carbon dating method, the actual date of Taj has been doubted. However, more evidences are needed to substantiate such a claim.