Read about the plan and layout of the Mariam-Zamani Tomb at Agra.

Layout of Mariam-Zamani Tomb

Set centrally amidst a sprawling garden, the square building of the tomb of Mariam Zamani is built on a raised platform with stairs on its northern and southern sides. The two corridors running from east-west and north-south divide the structure nine sections that are further subdivided into smaller compartments. Brick and mortar are used as the primary construction materials and broad arches and vaulted ceilings grace the building. The cenotaph of Mariam Zomani is set in the central chamber, directly above the main mortuary chamber. There is a third grave of the queen too, situated as the white marble cenotaph on a brick masonry platform in the centre of the terrace.

The upper rooms known as 'duchhatti' are accessible by stairways. The terrace has four massive cupolas in the corners and four 'chhaparkhats', one on each side. These cupolas are made of red sandstone. Below the 'chajja', there are beautiful brackets that serve both the ornamental as well as functional purposes. Their domes are crowned by an inverted lotus or 'padma kosha'. The rectangular chhaparkhats with eight pillars and a cluster of brackets resemble the the corner cupolas.