Read about ornamentations and decorations in the tomb of Mariam Zamani at Agra, India

Ornamentation in Tomb of Mariam-Zamani

The red sandstone façade and panels with variety of decorative designs such as floral patterns tell a lot about the former splendor of this tomb. Chervon pattern in the nook shafts, wine-vases within sunk niches and geometrical floral designs grace the piers between the arches. The cupolas have beautiful carved columns with hexagonal base. The stone brackets occupy the spaces just below the chajja while beautifully carved friezes above it and below the drum of the dome is inlaid with white marble. The friezes of the chhaparkhats were originally covered with glazed tiles and have pyramidal roof. One can still see the traces of floral paintings in the corners that speak volumes of the former beauty of the decaying building.