This is a short write up on the archaeological museum of Mathura.

Archeological Museum of Mathura

Situated at Dampier Park, this museum was founded by Mr. F S Growse, the then-collector of district Mathura in 1874 to house the items found in the archeological excavations from Mathura and adjoining area. It was shifted to this present building in 1930. It presents one of the finest archeological collections that are perhaps the best, considering that it is regional in character. Its collections include rare and antique items ranging from 3rd to 12th centuries. The sculptures from the Gupta and Kushan period are worth seeing.

The museum houses rare treasure unearthed by Cunnigham, Growse, Fuhrer and others fincluding stone sculptures, bas-reliefs, architectural fragments, inscriptions pertaining to different faiths, antique coins, terracotta and bronze items, pottery, bricks, clay seals and paintings, mostly belonging to the Mathura region. The museum offers good material on Indian Art and Iconography along with exhibiting ancient forms of drapery, ornamentation and hairdressing and articles of domestic or special uses.