Read about the Govardhana Hill Parikrama of Mathura city, India.

Govardhana Hill Parikrama

Govardhan Hill Parikrama is of two lengths. The parikrama normally undertaken does not cover several important places in the vicinity of Govardhana Hill that are covered only in the longer 24-mile parikrama. The parikrama kicks off by taking bath in Manasi Ganga. From there, the pilgrims take right turn and walk to the end of the road paying their homage to the way to the deities of Harideva, Manasi Devi and Brahma Kund. At the T-intersection, there is Rinamochana Kund on the left. It only has water in monsoons. It is said that taking a holy dip here frees one from all vices.

Taking the right turn takes you to the Papamochana Kund, just 50 m ahead. This reservoir is situated on the Mathura-Sonk Road. A holy dip here is believed to win pardon from the lord for all one's sins and offenses. The road leads to Mathura. Proceeding on this road will lead you to a small hill on the right hand side near the government bus stand with a small pond nearby known as Indra-dhwaja Tila (Flag of Indra Hillock). It is here that the cowherd people used to worship Indra in the times of Krishna.