Govardhana/Govardhan Puja is an important religious event in Mathura city of India.

Govardhana Puja

It is said that in the times when Krishna was still a child, cowherd men used to worship Indra as the God of Rain and performed sacrifices to appease him. When Krishna came to know this, he refused to participate in the event saying that there is only one Supreme God and if it is necessary to worship someone, it is indeed Govardhana Hill, for it fulfils many of their necessities. The convinced villagers offered all the sacrifices intended for Indra to Govardhana Hill. Krishna impersonated as the Govardhan Himself and began consuming whatever was offered to him. The villagers rejoiced to see their new deity being so king to them and eager to accept their worshipping. Even today, devotees take rocks from Govardhana Hill and worship them as Lord Krishna.

When Indra came to know of the event, he was infuriated. He sent torrents of rain upon Vrindavana. The frightened villagers asked help from Krishna, their savior. Krishna easily lifted Govardhana Hill with his little finger and held it over the residents of Vrindavana like an umbrella, where they lived comfortably for a week. The baffled Indra's pride was shattered and he understood his mistake. Hestopped the rain and humbly came to Krishna to ask his forgiveness, bringing Surabhi cow as a gift to him. Since then, Govardhana Hill is worshipped on the day after Diwali, known as Govardhan Puja. This day is also known as Annakuta because of the large amounts and varieties of food prepared on this day. In Vrindavan, all the temples prepare huge quantities of food on this day and distribute it to general public.